2oz Acrylic paint rack / KALLAX storage

I posted it free for non-commercial use on Thingiverse:


Love that you added an area for the paint brushes too!

I wanted the paints offset so that you could easily see the tops of each one, and although that cost me 4 paint holes, it did gain me a little space for brushes on the sides. (I decided against using the space on the 2nd shelf as it may interfere with using the handle hole, but decided I could put them all the way across the back.)

I love any :glowforge: project that gets you more organized. This works splendidly.

I display my ‚Äústuff‚ÄĚ and other collectables. One of your pieces made the cut.


I really like that. I have been looking to do something similar as I just bought a whole bunch of stuff to start airbrushing. I am also making a paint booth and trying to organize my 180+ cans of spray paint.

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I do, this would be amazing for me as I have paint bottles, essential oil bottles, ink, glitter, mica powder bottles, bottles with jewelry parts, beahundred… airbrush paints.I would need at least 20 of this thing…and the card board idea is great to try first…I have two of these shelving unit with a total of 50 cubies…and yes it is better then vinyls.

You are so generous by letting us download your fabulous Idea…so thanks…

Oh if you ever come up with a ribbon dispenser…I have some large rolls at least a hundred…lol


Very nice design. Much better than the lousy ones I paid an arm and a leg for from ArtBin (BGF -before GF!)