3d Christmas ornament ( snowy cabin)

Thank you for the file!! It looks really cool.

I am looking forward to making this!! Thanks

This is probably a not so smart question but im very new and I was wondering when someone shares a file how do I get it. I feel very slow asking but I don’t know how and there some free file’s that I’d like to have.

@thill452 , the dumbest question is that which is not asked. This is a generous community where we all learn from each other.

Usually free designs are posted in this section, and the OP adds the file in .svg or .pdf format somewhere or at the bottom of their fist post after the pictures.
To download just right click with your mouse on the image or file and select the destination.
In this particular post its the files with red lines just after the pictures.


Thank you for saying that because I lot of times I say nothing because I’m so new and I really don’t have a clue about anything and everyone one here makes such beautiful things that I’m in awe of.


We were all new once and have learned a lot from this community.

Start by checking out @evansd2 excelent post:

Common problems/questions

The forum is divided in sections, but the search function at the top right is your friend. Try to select the appropiate key word that describes what you want to find out about. Odds are someone here already had your very same question and it is already answered. You may even have to invest some time reading several posts to combine several answers to your problem.

I´m sure in no time you will also be creating beautiful things with your :glowforge:


Thank you so much for your encouraging words and all your help.


I love this! If I can use this, can you tell me where the link is? Thank you

Welcome to the forum.

Files shared in this section of the forum are usually for personal use only, not commercial sales.

The file is in the original post - the line drawing after the photos. Right click the file and save image as svg on your computer.


Thank you, so much, for sharing the file with us! That is a really sweet and elegant design!

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So I absolutely love this design and have printed a couple out. The first one for some reason cut out the front tree line and I had to glue it back into place. But when I uploaded the file a second time into GF, it didn’t cut the front trees out. Win! But, for some reason it engraved more of the front trees than the lines show above. Trying to figure that one out. Anyways, here is a pic of the 1st one we completed.


This is what I was talking about on the front row of rees and the engrave difference

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Any chance you accidently hit the Stamp maker button? You’ve managed to reverse the engrave somehow.

I will have to check, I don’t think so. I just dropped the file into the Glowforge space and marked each part for either cut or engrave. I’ll check and let you know.

What type of wood and thickness did you use and with what settings? The wood I just did it on burnt the entire trees and is too thick for the slots. I didn’t even think to check that first.

this is beautiful!! great job!! i am going to try a beach scape!!

Welcome to the forum.
Let us know how the beach scene turns out.

Lots of this type of thing available and plentiful of places that look just like these in Alaska. I made this file and painted it with snow scene. Beautiful.

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I’m gonna make a few of these, they have a hole in the bottom, so when hanging it you can put standard string lights in it to light it.

Snowy house ornament 3d



That is really clever!

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