3D Paper Masquerade Mask

These masks are my favorite to laser cut and assemble.

Bunch of laser cut paper parts - all folded and slotted together to form a three dimensional sculpted mask that one can wear. No glue!

I would never attempt to make these without a laser cutter. Talk about a #pita. Too many tiny slots and fold ups that need to align up correctly!

Looking forward to my Glowforge! Mainly for my current registration woes…and so many other things too (autofocus ::drool::).


These are quite magical - thanks for sharing.

Interesting to hear of your commitment to lasers - did you previously try some sort of blade plotter (like the KnK Zing, etc.) that didn’t work out so well?

I am also curious if you’ve ever experimented with laser cutting multiple sheets of stacked paper? Sounds problematic/not advised: Scoring paper?

Sorry for all the questions - just really inspiring work!

Plotters didn’t work. They curled the paper, cuts weren’t that great, some of my paper is too thick (20pt stock sometimes), too many blade issues. A plotter that would have made me happy would have cost 3k+ too and I like lasers more and would still haven’t been able to cut some of the harder duplex stocks.

I am only able to stack maybe 2 or 3 sheets of 70text and get decent cuts with all three. I rarely do it. Otherwise the laser does the dreaded cone thing (top sheets burnt n cut, middle sheets kinda of burnt n cut, bottom sheets sort of cut). I don’t recommend it either. If you need multiples fast, get bigger sheets and tile your cuts.

That’s super insightful. Thank you for the tips.
Here’s hoping that passthrough on the Pro comes in handy for larger media.

Also really enjoy your whole catalog of puppets, cards and dolls you have on your site - an amazing amount of artistry and engineering.