3DforCovid.com is live and needs your help

@takitus, are we ok on a Basic with full power and 500 speed?

I have been printing this design for the last couple of days and have made my delivery to the company in ontario which is spearheading…inksmith in Waterloo- lockdown begins tonight at 5pm - after that it’s mail in only

Health Canada has approved this design - so production here is ramping up.

I would like to get my hands on petg sheets for the visor bit here in the toronto region - if anyone knows of a source…please reply.

Our local library system has 6n3d printers were are going to be operating to pump these out.
There’s another glowforge in our town as well. If we can get the petg we should be good. Perhaps acetate can work as well

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That seems to work well from reports in the field. I’ve been running these on my big laser and have a pro so can’t verify personally, but the picture at the top was from those settings on a basic.

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@virginia1, did you catch that? Are you familiar enough with testing procedures to work it out? Always easy to go fast and lower power and then do another pass after if it didn’t work out as long as you don’t shift anything.

Yes. I figured it out last night and have heard from several different people that they keep their plastic film on it to cut. Thanks!

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@dale1, check my post here:

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Thanks for your link, yup I’m on slack … and we are working to source materials now. I have about 40 sheets of 8.5x11 acetate in my house so - if this sort of thing works there’s probably tons gathering dust…I’ll read you post now, thx


I’m looking to cut some masks with my glowforge. I’m looking for settings for .02 PETG. I have an order in for some, hopefully it comes soon.

We working with the local high school to use their 3D printers. We have contacts at the local hospital to distribute the masks.

My wife got designs from a friend in NYC, but if you have designs that you know work on glowforge I wouldn’t mind that either.

I joined the slack group, but haven’t been able to find settings on there (I’m new to slack, so I might just not be looking in the right spot).


Hello @ christiankaszas. Welcome!
On Slack, look in the left-hand column for the # Mask channel. There are a number of posts with Glowforge settings for different materials, and I’m sure more will be added.

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thanks that helped!

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