3rd project, 3rd day


Rugby building products in Atlanta (and elsewhere?) has it for like $13 a sheet.


You’re on a roll - I agree that you’ve definitely got it! Can’t wait to see what you’ll be up to next.


I’ve been buying from Woodpeckers on Amazon and have been really happy, but I just bought 12x20 sheetsfrom a place on Etsy. No voids so far. Locally, I’d buy from Boulter ply. Their 5x5 is $29 and void free. They charge $1.50 a cut, though. It’s not really convenient (or smart) for me to cut at home just yet and I’m not certified to cut at the makerspace. Probably will be in January.

I think the void-free BB is the cheapest option at Boulter. I’ll have to keep shopping around.


See, that’s what I don’t get. And I know that you know your wood. I don’t understand how it can be legit BB at that price.


These are awesome! My goodness … Excellent!


Maybe it isn’t legit? They call it Baltic birch, it’s wood layers all the way down, it’s 1/8 nominal. It cuts relatively consistently, the occasional warp or inclusion misses happen.


My Dad’s hometown … and my son’s favorite place to visit and watch the resurgence of a once great city.


If it has knots it’s not (knots aren’t allowed, they’re supposed to cut out the knots & patch).

Are the patches (if any) either football or bowtie shaped and only on one side? The BB definition/standard says patches only on one side and also defines the shape.

That whole EU anal-retentive approach to setting a standard definition for everything can pay off sometimes :blush:


No surface knots, minimal patches on one side in bowtie mostly. Maybe a football, I don’t remember.


Sounds like BB. Just no clue as to how they sell it so cheaply.


=) A fellow Michigander! Very nice! #DetroitVsEverybody #LGRW #OnePride #SummerInTheD #DetroitBasketball =) Yes… I am a homer.


Those a really sharp ornaments. Nice depth. You are starting off super.

See, the Glowforge really is a 3D laser printer.:rofl:

[ducks for cover]


Yeah, I’d say you’ve nailed it. Welcome to the community!


I love these! Great work!!


wow these are awesome. I can’t wait to get mine :heart_eyes: