A cool summary page that I can no longer find

Just like many of you I am excited to have reached that golden moment: Glowforge ready to ship!

But I have a little question: during the shipping verification process we were shown this cool page of features, tips and tricks. I read through it and said to myself “this is cool, I think that I will come back and show my wife this page later.”

But it is not to be. The page was apparently part of the shipping verification process and is now lost to time. Is there any way to get back to this page after you complete the shipping process? Here is the web address:


It was a simple page, but well thought out and fun to read!


Aaaaaand, here it is!

You can always find it by going up to the menu near your avatar (upper right of window) and going to the Glowforge Tips and Tricks category, it’s the top pinned posting.

Or did you mean the FAQ? Also reachable by the same method (in the menu).


I love that page, and I am going to spend quite some time with it once I get my Glowforge, but unfortunately that is not the page I am looking for. The page I am speaking of was laid out a little like this:

Glowforge target feature, with checkmark if it has been achieved already.
Previously referred to feature, actual level of achievement, sometimes much greater than planned.
Bonus tip, interesting little tip.

Rinse, repeat.

If you have recently gone through the shipping process you might recall it.

Ooops, sorry! I remember it but don’t know how to get back to it.


You can’t. :frowning: it needed to be printed/saved when viewing it.


It would be great for that to be accessible to everyone at any time. Meanwhile, perhaps we can crowdsource it. Hopefully some people will see this topic who haven’t yet gotten their golden e-mail, and they will remember to take screenshots and share them with us. :slight_smile:


Is there a draconian rule against sharing this list?

I want to be in full compliance.

This list from nearly a year(!) ago doesn’t seem significantly different.

Actually, besides the stuff added about the Pro model (“it’s, like, faster and stuff”), the most significant difference is “we’ve implemented manual focus as well”.

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couple days old


I have a PDF of mine. But please keep in mind that that’s from JUNE. So it’s super old and should be considered to be inaccurate.

Glowforge Production features and specifications.pdf (89.7 KB)


This one is from this month.


But we got the limited edition crumb trays then!


I have screen shot of mine from 10/31.Screenshot_20171030-170607


So since then my 'forge was replaced and I got the new black tray. There have been many times that I find I miss the original. The black, while very pretty, often makes it more difficult for me to see the objects on top of it. Hard to explain. But somehow there’s just no contrast anymore. Like the black sucks the light from everything. I used to be able to see the honeycomb and make certain decisions based on that. But with the black it almost looks like a solid flat surface in the GFUI. Not really complaining about it. It is what it is.


And I was starting to think I was the only one. Even Dan called me out back in May.


Thanks so much community, that’s the page! It’s just a great “feel good” features and tips page. Great for someone who knows about Glowforge (“Oh yeah, how’s that laser coming along? Didn’t you back it on Kickstarter a while ago?”) but isn’t “plugged in.”

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Heh. Nope! Funny thing is, we’re practically an extinct species of people who have actually used the machine with the original tray.


I tape my bed, so its kinda moot for me

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I’ve also got the original silver tray, although it’s looking a little more brown than silver lately. I’ve got to do the cleaning that @karaelena suggested way back when. (Pre-Release | Car Wash)


Just be glad Glowforge wasn’t acquired by Apple, then we’d have to deal with a limited-edition $10,000 gleaming white ceramic crumb tray. And the machine would only have one button… hey, wait a minute!