A few GLUELESS picture frames

Made with proofgrade maple plywood and proofgrade clear acrylic. I’m sometimes afraid of glue :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, just seems so permanent… so used screwposts to hold the frames together and extra long screwposts with laser-cut spacers to create the ‘legs’ that hold it up :grin:


I don’t have a very good history with glue myself, so I really like your solution—some very nice frames!


I like the word art on the frame too! :grinning:


Haha! Darn glue :slight_smile:

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thank you Jules!

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I had to look twice! But it actually reeds ‘the WallenS’ and not ‘the Wallen’ Which happens to be the name of the red light district in Amsterdam.

great looking frames!


Thanks! I’ll have to tell them (the Wallens) about that, they’ve been there… maybe they have a photo of their travels they can put in the frame!

Lovely work on the frames!

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Hello! These look great. Would you mind sharing the details of how the square one was created? This is exactly what I was looking for.

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The original post person has not been around in the forum for quite some time. In addition to stating that screwposts were used rather than glue, what questions do you have? If you have the premium subscription you can design this completely in the Glowforge interface. What graphics program are you using?

Thanks for responding. I am completely green to GF, so I need lots of scaffolding. I do have premium. What is the first step? How do I make the stand? I want to make some design changes. I use Silhouette Studio to design.

I don’t know Silhouette so I won’t be any help with that. Some frames don’t need any back at all as they are thick enough to stand alone. There was a long discussion some time ago about making a stand. The ideas ranged from purchasing the backing from Amazon to a pretty simple solution. Read through this and see if it helps. Searching for simple glue-on slot stand -? - #23 by Angela333

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great idea, these are very nice!!