Abalone sheets

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing!


What cut settings do you recommend for the Abalone sheets?

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This is fabulous! I’m making some personalized tools for my family. I am struggling with getting the abalone safely off the backing. The settings didn’t cut through the 3M adhesive backing at all. As I’m altering them I keep obliterating the shape of the text. Any tips? I really appreciate it.

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very creative love the color complexity

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Do you have any koa wood available? Please feel free to contact me either here or by email.

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I have decided that I am going to use my Silhouette to cut the abalone.

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If I remember correctly from my jewelry making days, Abalone (aka mother of pearl) dust is toxic. Be very careful how and where you cut it.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the heads up. These were the ones my wife purchased. Hopefully there is no issue.