Accessories that are needed that do not come with Glowforge Pro?

Ok so I am still waiting patiently as I can…just receiving the Glowforge Pro by its self today. And anticipation and curiosity is unimaginable at this very moment. if it didn’t cost 6 big ones…I would have to be one of those knuckleheads using a computer plug to get this Big Boy going. But, I am being good:) so anyways…with that said…does anyone know of anything that does not come with the Glowforge Pro that might be needed. I am just trying to have my ducks in a row and be as ready as I possibly can be to get this sucker rolling. and not have to make another order and wait patiently. Thanks in advanced AGAIN guys! You all have been so helpful!

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The tray and the free materials come separately. Technically you don’t need the tray,but better to run your first print “by the books” on Proofgrade, that way if you have any issues support has a baseline to compare with.

Congrats! It will forge faster than you can design, so use this time to design!


Invest in an excellent vent without leaks not a cheap dryer vent with perforations. Masking tape and a weeder or exacto knife to pick off tape. Tapes saves you from having smoke stains on things that cut right. I also am needing a bin to rinse my cuts instead of stacking them up beside the kitchen sink and I brush them with a new toothbrush


This has been thoroughly discussed in the forum but it’s hard to search for. Lemme see if I can find one such thread.

Here you go:

If you search for “accessories” there are lots more threads to run through.


I second (third?) the tape to cover non-Proof Grade materials. For instance, I get some great baltic birch plywood from Amazon which I use to practice/prototype. You need to cover it/mask it to avoid scorch marks. So I got a big roll of wide 2" masking tape.

1/8" Baltic birch plywood is popular round here too. I think you can grab that at Home Depot. But I would definitely use the Proof Grade first!

What do you want to make? If you have a vague notion, you can get those supplies. I knew I would be making earrings/jewelry, so I grabbed some of those items to have on hand.

I spent (ok, SPEND) a lot of time on Pinterest looking at potential projects. Collect a few and gather what you need to make them!

I ordered 12” & 20” masking which I love, I cut fabric, leather, plastics all I mask it just makes the cuts cleaner and no smoke damage & less clean up. I keep masking on till after I scrub and soot off the cut edge.

Recently I have been playing with the idea of varnishing my lasered edges in case of any transfer.

I also just got that air filter they are shipping instead and it is a total let down. I am sure theres another company making something that actually looks factory made and may perform better. I regret paying for the stupid filter and am starting to regret not buying an epilog.

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Try this.


Ooo! Thanks for the tip! I’m all over that!

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I think I got my tape from a sign supply in the forum. made by Greenstar it’s a medium tack paper tape, easy to remove & no residue. I just bought the holder so I can pull wide swaths of it down a sheet. I have just started playing with the pass through slot.

Nope. Home Depot carries Birch plywood but not Baltic Birch. One reason laserfolk love Baltic Birch is that it is made of layers of birch with some glues and there are strict standards for knots (tiny, one side) and voids (none).

Regular birch plywood just needs to have top & bottom veneers of birch - inside it’s whatever the mill has hanging around they want to get rid of.


we looked at the epilog. so pricey. but, I really did think about waiting and exploring options just because Glowforge is such a new company, yah know. ,like we are the first round of owners pretty much, kind of like their test dummies;) I’m not saying we will automatically have a bad experience…but it is something I think about.

thsankyou!that was very helpful!

Unlike masking tape, the masking linked to is pressure activated: it doesn’t stick until pressure is applied to it. The squeegees they sell (there is a handle and a blade, usually sold separately) are what you use to apply the pressure. All super easy, but places like sign warehouse assume you know this.


Interesting. Thanks for the heads up.

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Thank you for the info. I did not know that. I have that mask and it does lift on me. I’ll have to be more careful to get it set down properly

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My go to masking application tool is this guy:

3M Hand Applicator Squeegee PA1-B Blue

Simple, cheap, bright-colored (harder to lose). It has just the right flex to give you good pressure on potentially uneven surfaces.

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