Acrylic gluing tricks: two flat surfaces?

And terribly dangerous for your eyeballs. Wear goggles so there’s no chance of getting any in your eyes. Otherwise it’s likely to be the last project you can see to do.


That’s the stuff I use! Works great, really thin stuff (recommend a syringe), always been clear for me.

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Problem with “superglue” is that it can cause a smoky effect on clear…

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Thanks. I’m almost out of my weld on so I’ll give this a try

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Has anyone tried a “dip” approach to solvent application? I’m thinking of putting the solvent adhesive in a shallow tray and dipping each target face-first into the tray, then attaching them.

If I’m super-careful about dip angle, dip depth, etc., it seems like I might get a reasonably uniform application density?

tried that one time…for science. it rippled and fogged the surface, not recommended.


Argle-bargle! Thanks everyone, I appreciate the info!