Acrylic Mold Box

I’m glad to see this work flow (engraved-casting) comes out pretty decent.

I do a lot of casting (car reproduction badges and stuff) and was wondering how well casting engraved stuff would work. Good to see that it comes out pretty decent with respect to surface finish, especially with how well silicone picks up every line. So many ideas here.

I’ve also had a lot of success with embedding fiberglass cloth or very thin metal wire in the resin to improve bulk object strength (e.g., the crack in the earlier casting), also cuts down on resin usage.

Have you thought to try any of the low-melt metals yet?


Can you share how to make the box?

It looks like that box is probably a square and four rectangles of acrylic, welded/glued together with acrylic cement/solvent (I.e., “weld-on” or “sci-grip”).

I am not sure what details you are asking for here. There is a lot about working with acrylic and making boxes in the forums. You should be able to find a lot of that using the forum search (magnifying glass in the upper right).

If you have specific questions, you could also start a new thread in Community Support. This is several years old and, fewer people are going to notice your post here.