Aeon Laser vs Glowforge

There were many reasons I decided on the GF. I reviewed lots of ‘stuff’ and love that I can have it in my craft room. However…the biggest reason I went with GF was the positive reviews of the GF Forum. After being here 7 months, I can tell you everyone here has been so helpful and I have learned so much the reviews I heard don’t describe the attitude and assistance of this group. For someone with no laser experience I can’t imagine a better product to start with! :upside_down_face:


And do it again after every cleaning in case you’ve knocked something or after you load in a big sheet of stuff and knock a mirror or…

That is the most tedious PITA thing ever. I’m surprised that every one of those don’t automatically come with a collimated red alignment laser. Doing it with bits of Post-It notes is crazy time consuming on top of an already tedious process. So that’s when you bypass the safety interlocks (if there are any!) and laser a hole in your thumb or set your sleeve on fire because the laser is freaking invisible :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand your point, but my comment stands.

You mean proofread material


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