Affinity Designer 1.6 released (updated)

Good news, AD users, v1.6 was just released…

Bad news, AD users, it still doesn’t include auto-trace. They recommend using Inkscape and exporting to AD. :thinking:

More bad news (11/5): Affinity Designer 1.6 released (updated)


I’ve been using the betas. It doesn’t have a ton of new features, but what’s there is pretty solid. Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.

Did they fix the SVG export?

No. But then I never got around to asking them to fix it. (Well, I did today. Or rather, I added onto someone else’s feature request. So hopefully 1.7 will get it.)

What is/was wrong with it? I’ve never had problems exporting SVGs for use with my GF (past 6 months).

There’s no option in AD to export SVGs with actual units. So you either have to be careful to always use a 20"x12" artboard (that’s what I do; I set it as my default for new documents) or play the DPI-matching game. (I think GF assumes 96dpi but I’m not sure.) Or you can modify the SVG afterwards to put units in the height/width attributes. (That’s what I do on SVGs I intended to distribute to others.)

Or you can export to PDF, which does set the page size in real units, but it has problems when you embed PNGs that have transparent backgrounds. (It tends to use opaque bitmaps with clipping paths, which confuses the GF.)

That explains it… the first thing I did with AD was set up defaults to 20x12 and the appropriate SVG export settings. Added the GF palette after @marmak3261 et al figured out that bit of laser fu. Thanks!

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Darn. I interpreted this as saying it would be fixed.

Oh, that was a bug with SVG import, not export. (And I’m not convinced that’s completely fixed either.)

That one I keep running into! I have to apply a manual scaling factor for box patterns imported from

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I’m not familiar with this software. What kind is it ? equal to inkscape/Illustrator? Is this a paid software? What’s the difference between the others?

It’s something similarish to those others, and it’s $50

I’ve had some decent auto trace results using Super Vectorizer 2 as an alternate to Inkscape. It’s not free though. –

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I’ve been using AD for a couple of weeks now and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. (which is easy because I HATE HATE HATE Illustrator). Long ago I used Corel Draw daily for 10 years, and like Draw, AD…just works - it doesn’t fight me at every step. With the new update, I’m totally digging the ability to favorite fonts!

What are the correct AD SVG export settings for GF? The only odd thing I’ve found the way I’m doing it is I get a clip mask the size of the artboard once I import into the GFUI, but I set that to ignore and I’m good to go,

I can’t speak as to “correct,” but here are my non-authoritative but hopefully helpful settings:

31 AM

YMMV, but these work for me. :wink:

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And here’s mine (for both SVG and PDF)

The only super-important one is the “Export text as curves” checkbox (or the “Text as Curves” option for the Embed fonts setting in PDF).

That, and to always use a 20"×12" document size for SVGs so it’ll import into the GFUI at the correct size (as AD doesn’t have an option to embed the document size into SVG files.)


More bad news regarding Affinity Designer 1.6… The latest update no longer opens SVGs generated by correctly. :poop: Verified this on two Macbooks on two OS versions (Sierra and High Sierra).

Running through my library of SVGs generated by a variety of programs shows that across all programs and online generators, many files that were previously displayed correctly no longer show up at all (other than an insanely large boundary box) and/or are “missing” layers previously accessible.

Still characterizing this for a bug report to serif, but thought I’d share with the group – you may not want to update your AD quite yet…

For at least one of my new svg files, the following worked for me in Affinity Designer 1.6:

Open in Designer
Select all
Use transform tool to set top left to 0, 0

Edit: Not sure the scale is right yet, but at least the design is showing up


Thanks – I’ll try that tonight.