Air filter date

I just updated the October announcement - we’re expecting to start the shipping process for air filters (meaning first emails go out saying they’re ready) in January. We’re working on the first batch of email schedule updates that will reflect that, but it affects lots of people so I wanted to be sure it was posted here.


Thank you for letting us know!

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My official “delivery update” email states:
“I do have one piece of bad news. Production on the Glowforge Air Filter you ordered has been delayed, and is estimated to ship to you on 04/18/18. The design is not performing as well as you deserve, and we don’t want to take it to production until it’s every bit as good as your Glowforge printer. This is still a rough date, and we’ll be working to refine it. You’ll have the choice of receiving your Glowforge printer immediately and using a window or dryer vent for the exhaust until your Air Filter arrives, or holding delivery until it is ready.”

Not quite the January delivery you just put out there for everyone…


This is about what I was expecting. Thanks for the communication. Always appreciated!! :slight_smile:

That’s the date your filter is scheduled for delivery - others have different dates, starting in January.

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Just highlighting the date range reality based my “actual” date vs the usual glowforge announced “rosier than actual” announcement.


Does these mean the same thing or is the second one actually dispatch?

It seems a long time to make a subset of the air filters and I am guessing they are not starting them until all the GFs have shipped. I would have thought they were much faster to make than GFs and considerably less were ordered.

Thanks for posting it here as well, though I did catch the news in the October update. We’re currently in the “agony/ecstacy of shipment” stage (proofgrade shipped, now waiting on the pro), and knowing the delay will be months and not just weeks longer lets me know I should probably design a more elaborate venting system (as opposed to just rigging up something simple).

Is there any compensation for the delay in the air filter delivery? If so, I don’t remember. Can someone point me in the right direction or provide the information.

I’m again astounded at GF’s inability to meet self-determined deadlines. The air filter is part of what we ordered. They sold it for a reason and we purchased it for a reason. The extended delay on this is just another thing to be annoyed about.

I’m still excited to get everything, but less so with each delay and seeing the problems people are having with hardware and software. If the stated reasons for the delays are to send perfect products…not only are they missing the deadlines but the product isn’t anywhere near perfect.


Thanks for the update. My wife had suggested I convert one of the kids’ rooms into my GF Cave (nothing says your parents have moved on like coming home to find your room has been converted to something else :wink:). It would solve my a/c issue (I’m in the non-conditioned basement now) but requires the filter.

We have casement windows that open like a door so putting a piece of plexi or wood in that I can run a vent through would leave the interior of the window exposed to the weather. Definitely want the filter before moving it upstairs.

I’m sticking with the basement :grinning:

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No compensation that I’m aware of.

I was kinda thinking there’d be extra delay on the air filter. If you look at the $2000 behemoth’s that people use now, the 7" tall $500 spec looked like a pretty tall order.


Not really my/our problem though, right? :). Except, of course, we don’t have what we paid for in anything that might be construed as timely.

Oh well…

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Yep… We live in a very small place (less than 1100 sqft) where we raised 3 kids. Now one bedroom is my wife’s sewing room/study and the other is my “office”.


It’s funny, but with all the kids grown up or in school, we don’t go up to the second floor almost ever anymore. The daughter is still in school so her room stays untouched for a few more years :slight_smile:

There’s a Lego shrine up in the kids’ workroom/library that we’re trying to decide what to do with. #3 son will be appalled if we get rid of them but they’re only getting dusty. More money invested in those than in the GF by a long shot :smile: