Alternate, low-cost laser to replace failing GF?

I follow a couple of youtube creators that use the really cheap, low-wattage LED ones. They work just fine but you would need patience. Most of them are cutting templates for making other parts.


Glowforge has “done me right” so far as my failing GF goes, but I have yet to inspect, unpack, and test it. I have been incapable since it was delivered, but UPS did a number on the box, which is beat to heck. I had the UPS guy load it into my SUV until I can coordinate some help. UPS had it on its short end in the truck, then slid it out onto the driveway and proceeded to roll it to my car. Then when he went to lift it in, he had it upside-down, despite all the “THIS SIDE UP” and “FRAGILE” warnings on the box.


Apparently these are meaningless to delivery drivers.
I hope it survived and is undamaged when you finally get to open it up.
When I originally received mine it was delivered on end and stood like that at my door. It had some box damage but everything inside was in pristine condition.


I just had a 3D printer delivered with similar markings. It was upside-down.


smallest CO2 i’ve seen is 30w. even universal makes a 30w.

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When I got the PRU they were shipping them with the red shock/orientation tags on them. The ones that turned red if they were mishandled. Of course mine was delivered to my driveway and left standing on end and the tags were all red. I freaked out and sent pictures and questions to GF thinking my test unit was doomed from the start :smiley:

I assume, as you said no more, it worked OK?

I have hope, as my original GF was standing on-end and the box was beat up as well. They are well-packed.

Yeah. I emailed Support first though. They said it would probably be fine and it was.

I picked up my production unit from UPS. It was sitting in the back of a truck on end as well - I swear they just roll these things around instead of lifting them. When I pulled it out I made a comment about the thing not supposed to be transported that way and then as I moved it onto the hand truck I told it it sounded okay, not like the laser was shattered. She looked really uncomfortable :smiley:

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We had a great local UPS delivery guy when I was married, we were on a first-name basis as I had so much delivered. He would be very careful with fragile stuff, but no way to know what happened to it before it got onto his truck - which he didn’t load.

I have never had the same UPS guy here where I live in 6 years, and none of them care.

I had two $5,000 laptops stolen by DHL emplyees, the FBI contacted me about those. Someone at the distribution center.


When I had a small business in the late 90s, our UPS guy was pretty chummy. (Too much, actually – one time he decided to bring a package to me at work that was sent to my home, because he recognized the name… convenient, but creepy)

Anyway, he was always making “funny” comments, including how much he didn’t really like his job (and was very happy on his last day to tell us “I’m never lifting another f’ing box again!”) One time I was at the counter and he came in, so I thought I’d joke “Oh good, my late grandmother’s fragile heirloom crystal! Careful with that one.” Without a word, he threw the box in the air, watched it land on the cement floor, and turned around and walked out the door.


Check out Aeon lasers. (
There are a couple of these in my laserclub and they perform great, are faster and more powerful compared to a glowforge. You loose the camera placement function. When my Pro dies I will get one of those.

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Very close to a happy ending. After another hospital visit and then another huge health setback at home, I was finally strong enough (with help) to get the replacement out of the (destroyed) box and set into the back of my SUV to test. Setup app was a breeze, and it appears to be working perfectly. Obviously not going to drive around like that, my daughter will come by this evening to help me get the old one into their box, and carry the new one to the bench.

Mobile Laser Cutting service, anyone? :rofl:

One entire end of the box lid is missing, but I have plenty of cardboard and industrial, fiber-reinforced tape so I can pack up the old one in far better condition than this one when it arrived.


Are you powering it from the cigaret12v accessory socket? :slight_smile:


:rofl: Actually, the car does have an AC inverter outlet, but no, I used an extension cord I have permanently plugged-in in the garage as the only power outlet is not in a convenient spot. Also, the inverter is only rated 150W, but it has come in EXTREMELY handy, especially when I did a lot of photography and video work - to recharge the batteries.


So glad to hear you’ll be up and running again (despite the health side detour). Nothing like a glowforge to cheer one up!


xTool uses all metal wheels and wider belts (10mm vs 6mm). It also has a “powered” pass-through. That looked interesting.


Good to see you are almost back to burning!

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Didn’t bother checking calibration, as you should reset it after moving the machine anyway. Ran the calibration process just now, this is the result:

(Note this is the screen after printing, you can just see the scored design sticking out behind the top-left & lower right targets, the rest are pretty darned-near perfect! My original machine never got this close.)


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