Aluminum dog tags

A golden opportunity.

I was trying to think of a good thank you gift for the kennel where I get my goldens. I’ve known and worked with them for 25 years, we’re basically family by now. Just like family, it’s kind of impossible to think of gifts for them.

A simple project to incorporate their logo into a tag, very satisfying.

Tags sourced from chewbarka. If the owner likes them I’ll do a larger run. I did an initial test run of 24 on a jig, it worked pretty well.


They look fantastic!!! Love them!


They’re going to be thrilled! I like the different colors.


These look great! What settings did you use for the etching?

I can’t recall right now but if you search for “anodized settings” there are lots of previous posts on the subject, that’s where I got my initial settings.

Dog tags are great to engrave. We engrave a tag and leather collar for each puppy that leaves our kennel. This year I’m making Christmas ornaments too.


Love them! Are they anodized/powder-coated or painted aluminum? There appears to be a gloss to some of them so i am guessing painted?

Anodized, that’s it.

Those are super nice! I might copy your idea for the kennel where I get my Gordon Setters… I think they would like that…

Last Christmas I made 60-some wood ornaments with different breeds for our dog walkers to give clients–bartered that for a couple months of dog-walks…

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The logo I have on this is trademarked so copy the concept but not the art, please :slight_smile:

I love engraving on anodized aluminum. Such a clean result pretty much every time! These look awesome!

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I’d actually use a Gordon Setter rather than a Golden Retriever on tags for a Setter kennel, but thanks for the reminder.

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Really Awesome! Great colors too!

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I have regular dog tags that dont seen to hold up the engraving… :frowning:

Love this! This is something I am going to be doing in the day or so.

One quick note: I’ve since worked on settings a bit, lpi seems to matter a lot more than I would have thought. I was doing 340 but have since upped it to 600+ and the result is much better. Aluminum engraves so crisply that it was easy to see the lines at 340, 600+ gives a much smoother edge.

I fooled with doing 340 engraving but then running a score of the same path to define the edges and got great results, but my specific path here had a few issues with open nodes and it was not cool. If I were going to make hundreds of these I’d probably work on that some more, lower lpi and scoring is much faster than high lpi and yields similar results.

(Shifted to BTM for settings discussion)


That is some great tips! Thank you!