Another crumb tray cleaning question :D air compressor?

Yeah it’s out of date in some ways, they use torx screws now, for example. … but the concept is sound.

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I use a vacuum with a brush on the top - which pushes most of the stuff down, and then tilt it forward over a big trash can so they can all fall out the hole in the front - but when something is truly stuck I turn everything on and run cut lines over the stuck things - once they’ve been broken up into smaller pieces they fall through easily!
The tray is designed to handle being lasered so no worries about damaging it.


Fair enough - I did say “unless it’s affecting your cut quality”.
There have been so many posts about broken all sorts of things after a ‘deep clean’ I now fall on the “clean only what is necessary” side.


Personally, this post confirmed for me that I do not want to take the tray apart and/or soak the tray. It sounds like that might have been more likely to be successful with the previous version of the tray, though.

I think I’ll just stick with dumping the tray, pushing the bits down into the tray if I can’t pull them out, vacuuming, and trying @deirdrebeth 's suggestion of cutting up something if it’s truly stuck in there! And if there are little pieces that don’t want to come out from under the honeycomb, maybe try the air compressor.


For another perspective, I fill a large trash bag with water and cleaner on my drive way and leave the whole tray to soak until I remember it again, then rinse and use a leaf blower to dry it out :joy_cat:


I’ve never done anything to my crumb tray but dump it out and maybe poke through little pieces that get stuck partway through. It looks awful, but it works just fine! I’m thinking maybe if enough gunk accumulates, it will make my hold-down pins stick better. :wink:




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