Another Glowforge fire

I mean it’s pretty solid for them to offer a credit for the (presumably) shipping and repair attempt costs. More than they needed to do, especially if this was delrin (and thus non PG).


Delrin cuts nice, but you better have an air cleaner. Delrin is toxic when burned. It gives off carbon black and formaldehyde. Both are carcinogens.

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That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that cutting/engraving Delrin was not safe. Many have used it and I’m pretty sure it was on a list somewhere as being laser safe.


I tried engraving Delrin and had real problems with it melting more than engraving.

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I cut delrin regularly without problems, but i stick to 1/4” or less. The thicker stuff does get a little scary. Never tried engraving though.

Delrin gives off Formaldehyde when heated, its in the MSDS. Dupont chemical has papers on its newer formulations of Delrin for the automotive industry has having sufficiently low VOCs to pass auto standards.

If you are venting, you are probably fine.


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