Another lesson

I have about 200 lbs of .080” chipboard cut up into 12x20’s at about 60 cents per piece. I’m very risk tolerant but just don’t see the point when talking about pocket change.


Oh no!

It’s a good reminder for all of us. I hope no one was hurt.


The problem with this is opening the top to use the damp towel to put out a tiny flare up causes the entire job to cancel. This means you have to redo it (yes, cardboard is cheap, but my time isn’t, and of course it’s going to flare on the redo)


I love cutting cardboard, it comes out so sharp and crisp and awesome! Haven’t had any trouble with flares (except once when I attempted a living hinge–don’t do that!), but I still watch it, just to be sure.

Actually the worst flares I’ve had were on aged cedar from an old privacy fence.


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