Anyone have an Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair?

For the DIY/Makers out there, especially those with access to a good pick-n-pull, there are a lot of very comfortable driver’s seats sitting around for real cheap. Look for the lower millage, upper trim levels. Make a base from scratch, or convert one from an old office chair. Get tricky and hook up the seat-heaters, lumbar massage, position memory, weight-sensors (you may need one or more of the vehicle computers for certain functions).

the seats in my cherokee were garbage, but I found a perfect pair of grand cherokee limited leather seats at U-pull-n-pay. Swapped out the power-recline mechanism for a manual one, so I was not charged extra for powered seats. Makes the XJ so much more comfy. One of these days I am going to wire up the seat heaters.


That would be a great option for outdoor furniture. I like to stargaze, and that would deeply improve my comfort considering the richest skies are in winter.

I have had an old Lazyboy exec chair for 30 years that is so comfortable I have rebuilt the tilt/swivel mechanism with ball bearing movements and recovered it 3 times. This iteration is Elk hide, and is the best yet.


A Lazyboy executive chair is on my short list if I can’t bring myself to pay $900+ for a chair.

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My son has a living room couch he made from a 56 Buick backseat.

And an understanding girlfriend :slightly_smiling_face:


Someone put a highback bucket from a Vega on a tiny Toyota forklift that we had. Looked ridiculous, but was comfy.


@jamesdhatch friend of mine made a couch from a newer chevy truck interior, complete with center console, cup holders, and fold-away armrests, and adjustable headrests. Made a great gaming couch.

Corbeau actually makes an office chair base for their racing seats. Not exactly junkyard-cheap. I wouldn’t buy one.


When I was a kid, several people I knew had a bench seat out of some car or van sitting on the porch, basement, or wherever the kids hung out. It was considered cheap seating. Now it’s considered exotic.


I’ve been using one for about 15 years - love it, works great. It’s a personal choice thing, though…