Anyone in Tucson, AZ?

Hi, I live in Tucson and have a glowforge bought about 4 months ago. Due to a different project I was working on, I haven’t gotten beyond setting it up and making sure it now I have the time, I am looking to learn to use it, but find I learn better by watching, doing and learning. I have been looking at the posts that direct me to help for newbies, but I still get all hogtied trying to figure out things with the glow forge itself. Anyone here feel up to giving a newbie a hand? Let me know. I am retired and am pretty much free (and available) whenever. Thanks.


I am in Phoenix if you can’t find anyone else.


I’m nowhere near you, but while you wait, try the First Three Prints tutorials – they’re not video, but there are lots of photos and the steps are nicely explained.

Then try your hand at printing some of the Helpful Files for Beginners.

From there you can progress on to the tutorials other users have posted here, in the Glowforge Tips and Tricks section. The Matrix has a nice list of some that might be good to start off with.


The learning to use the Glowforge is a 5 minute thing (it’s got a single button of course), and while the web UI has some settings, in general particularly with Proofgrade it’s pretty much let-er-rip - I’m assuming you tried the gift-of-good-measure test object, and that’s the whole “operating the GF” workflow (yes there are tricks of course, but that’s the basics). But learning how to make things to cut is a much steeper learning curve. The tutorial section has a lot of excellent tutorial to get you started. Depending on the kind of things you are hoping to produce is where to start. If you make mechanical things (like parts that join together) then that is a set of CAD tooling (you don’t need CAM as that’s what the GF software is), As for artistic stuff, then illustrator/Inkscape are your tools of choice. I can’t draw (my nurses always commented my hands in the chart looked like feet), but I can CAD with the best of them…


I am also in Phoenix.

There was some talk of a local meetup to grab a beer. I would still be up for that if there is interest. If you wanted to pop up here for that some Saturday afternoon, you could meet some semi-local GF people.

I would be happy to have come by the studio for a bit.

@geek2nurse and @henryhbk are right, though: there is nothing like just getting started and, building some experience.


Wish i lived in a town that had more than one GF owner to do stuff like this. As far as i know i was the only Canadian this far north to get one.


I am pretty sure there are other Glowforge users in Tucson, though possibly not Canadians. I don’t remember who specifically (and wouldn’t volunteer them anyway). They may not be active on the forums.

Someplace like Xerocraft might be a good place to find someone and, make other local maker connections:

You could likely start on their mailing list without even having to visit physically (though, I’d love a tour, personally).


Two people in Phoenix? Fantastic! I am always looking for an excuse to get up there to go to Rockler (and the other woodworking shops). I may be taking you all up on your offer. I would also come up for that afternoon beer. Especially if you all have a favorite craft beer pub. There is one out in Apache Junction with a Galactic Porter Patrol (cute, I know), but it is really!!! Good. I am going through the tutorials again, It looks like, to get my own stuff in there I pretty much need to learn Inkscape. No way I will pay for an annual license for an Adobe program. The fact more companies are starting to go that route really chaps my butt. Evermorian, if you set something up, I’m there )except for a week in November when I am heading out San Diego).


And thanks to all who replied. I will also check out the Xerocraft, but I think they have a different makers group here. And I didn’t see them mention a Glowforge in there equipment inventory.

Oops, I was wrong. I should have looked at the link first.

My favorites for beer are Mother Bunch in Phoenix, AZ Wilderness in Mesa or Phoenix, and Bottleshop 48, which is just a seller with some taps.

I would be happy to meet up with anyone interested. I don’t have a good place to teach from though as my condo is tiny and cluttered.


Angel’s Trumpet is also in the Roosevelt Row area (like Wilderness), has like 27+ Craft beers on tap, many local and, a nice patio area. So, that’s another potential spot.

They aren’t brewer. Some of these other options only have stuff from one brewery (though, the Wilderness stuff is exceptional).

We are dancing close to the holidays now. For Saturdays, I could do the 9th or the 16th this month and the 21st next. Much more flexible if we did a Sunday or weeknight. I’m just assuming Saturday afternoon will be better for most people, on average.


Angel’s Trumpet is good too. I forgot about that one. They have a lot of interesting food there also.

Nov. 9 and 16 are both open for me. I am gone Dec. 21. I am usually open most weekends and evenings, including weeknights, though I am more inclined to be social on weekends.

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I could make the 9th.

I’m in tucson. But I’m even newer than you are (less than a month). And I don’t have much free time - kids, job, travel, etc.

I used to live in Tucson, but alas, no more. However, it means I noticed that @PlGHEADED mentioned living there a few times…

I hope you are now in a better place i.e. nowhere in the midwest and east coast. Moved here from northern VA and do not miss it a bit! Our last two winters were continuous snow and bitter cold. i’m loving Tucson!

Los Angeles. I never wanted or planned to live here, but it’s home now and it’ll do.

Apologies! I did not mean to drop this. The 9th seemed like it was too little notice to get more than a couple of us and, didn’t want to leave out @djfb.

So, how about January 11th? That gives us time to get the word out and, is past the holidays.