Art from Scraps

When I was cutting out a bunch of 1/4" MDF to stack up and make a Settlers holder, my wife and daughter really liked the scraps that were left over. We decided to make it into a wall hanging. Also the settings that worked well for photo cutting were: Speed 300, Power 50, Thickness 0.01".

Here’s the settlers holder so far (it’ll look way better when its done):


Now that’s a unique picture frame. Love it!

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Very Nice! Great job hanging the pieces.

We have two frames one for our Daughter and one for the Son. We would always put the new school picture on top of the other, so when you add another you spread them out and realize what a time warp is. Son has Daughters now, and my Daughter gets married in August…
Enjoy the ride.


What a fun way to display your photos.

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My kids are all older than me. I’m not sure how that happened. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh great reuse of the cutouts! Very clever. :grinning:

Great re-purposing of what would have been waste material. It looks so good! I would be compelled to make a nice 3 dimensional bee to go in the corner. :slight_smile: :honeybee:

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I know people look at my “scrap” bin and think, ‘why don’t you toss that out?’. Uh, because it’s still useful! You never know.


great frame to think it came from scrap

That’s an absolutely fabulous way to reuse/recycle!!! I have a huge “scrap” box. Would you mind sharing your file? I’d love to make this for a blank wall that needs some art on it :wink:
What are the small pieces in each lower corner?

Thanks! I’m looking forward to making my own photo wall display!
I’ve actually been asked to design a 22’ wall at one of our local businesses. I decided to use their logo which is like a diamond and make the bottom layer hardwood maple and the 2nd layer, on 2 of the sides with dark blue acrylic. The names of the gold, silver and bronze donators will be engraved on one or two sides…but, I love this design and your idea and may go with something like a combination of your idea and mine :wink:


I am bad at forums and can’t seem to successfully upload anything, but that wall mural/design sounds awesome. 22’ is gonna be a lot of cutting and painting, should be fun.

I could not find a “Settlers” file to cut. Is that something that was in the catalog and is now not there? I saw the hexagon coaster pieces in the catalog but they are coasters and are not connected together. I’m confused, LOL!

It’s hard to find. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: There’s a link to it in this thread: (Settlers of Catan board game?).