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I am going to do it, but I’m first going to look at frame options to get a good size for hanging.

My first thought was “no link?!” Cold.


Quick, somebody engrave this!!!


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Heh,heheheh. No. :smile:


Oye! I don’t like it with the dingy background, but that would take Inkscape FOREVER to convert to SVG. The ships thing took at least half an hour.

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Why would you covert it to svg at all? Throw it in your favorite raster editor, convert to greyscale and then adjust the curves on contrast to get the background to pure white.

Engrave it as vary power and it’ll be amazing.


Convert to svg still faster and easier than the raster manipulating to get the same effect, provided everything can keep up with it. The vector is easier to clean up and manipulate after, at least sometimes.

The problem for me is that if you go vector you lose all your greyscale on the engrave.

It’d be interesting to do a side by side.

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Good point for the image from geek2nurse. The ship one I am doing is line art.

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The image above just needs some Photoshop time. Here it is after 15 minutes.

It still needs some work with scratches and smudges. This too is a “line drawing”- an etching.


In process, pass 1 of 2. (1 pass cant get the dark I want without scorching the leather.)

I might end up reprocessing the image and do a new run.



(I’m surprised at how much I like this song, it’s catchy. I’m sorry…?)

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You seem to have lost a lot of detail in the dark areas. I would recommend using the raster image after processing in Photoshop or other editor. This is a image I used on a cutting/cheese board.

It came out great. Adapted from: Aemilia, het vlaggenschip van Tromp, ca. 1639, Hugo Allard (I) (attributed to), after Willem van de Velde (I), 1639 - 1684

etching, h 396mm × w 542mm HMS Cheeseboard,244


That is actually a raster image. I am trying a little more manipulation to clean it up a touch more without losing detail. There is a challenge in that Raster “white” does not equal Vector “white”.

Well, I did it. Details Here!

Love how a little tweaking has made the artwork pop. That would be lovely on some Maple.

I lost quite a bit time to these, (especially because it generates click-for-more listings instead of being paginated).
First engrave out of what I found so far was “The Seven Works of Charity” (Theodor de Bry, 1588).

1/4" BB Ply, colored post-engrave with Matte-Black Krylon spray paint, and Bright Gold Rub-N-Buff.


Looks goooood! :sunglasses:

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Turns out this is one of two images. Makes it easy for me to pick my companion piece.

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