Baltic Birch Score setting

I cant find an answer for this, I have looked.
What is a good setting for scoring on Baltic Birch?

Testing is the best way to dial in your settings, and is half of my enjoyment - a treasure hunt :sunglasses:
Test All The Things! :crazy_face:


What @PrintToLaser said. There’s no one answer here.

Yea, I know all are different (wood, machine, power, etc.) I was more looking for a starting point.

For Draftboard it says Power:125 Speed:6

Just thought that appeared very slow, so i was concerned with that being a starting point

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With each new material, I make one of these…


The setting is actually speed 125, power 6 for scoring draftboard. I would start there.

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@PrintToLaser has posted the most correct answer, just let me add that a score is just a cut that intentionally does not cut through so start with a cut and add speed and/or reduce power till you have what you want.

Just a note. The 125/6 was before clean corners was enabled (if you have the update already). The head was slowed down significantly to increase quality and reduce overburn at sharp corners.

Thanks, JB. Unfortunately, we haven’t received the update yet. Good to know that it will help with this once we finally do!

Guess I should clarify : the HQ score is still the same. All the Proofgrade settings are the same, but with clean corners enabled, you can use higher score speeds and still obtain really good quality.

That said, I’m not sure if it’s just one big update package rolling out, or if clean corners was enabled and the speeds are separate? You could probably test a high speed score on something like a star on thin material that burns easy, and see if you get reduced overburn on those corners.

And I guess it also depends on your score design, if it has sharp corners etc.

Thx for posting the link to this again, I recently came across some maple burl boards and was looking for your test cut thingy, but found my search skills lacking at the time

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Did you ever find a good setting for scoring on baltic birch? I’m looking for a good setting.