Beginner needs help

I am totally new to laser printing so I started with drawing a picture which I was able to scan and engrave but there are no cutting options on the tool bar. I get a response that cant engrave a bitmap Can anyone help a very beginner.

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Okay, I am going to start with assuming that you have printed out at least one or two things that are preloaded?

You can not cut a bitmap, the interface is telling you the truth. You will need to go into your favorite “art” program and trace this bitmap. from there you can cut it out.

Go to the "glowforge Tips and tricks section and you will likely find exact instructions for whatever art program you use. If you have none, I’d suggest starting out with Inkscape as it is free.


Built in version. Examine this…


Yes, I did print some of the preloaded items. I will checkout inkscape. Thanks for the tips.