Being a Community

I agree with @B_and_D_T, amazingly accurate. And where is that thread😇

As for this community, there is only one other forum I’ve been involved in similar to the community we have here. It was a photography forum called Photozo. Still exists but it has changed. Several years ago it was a large group of people sharing photos, critiquing and giving advice. Beyond that many of us became friends and even though we had never met before some started having meet ups and making trips all over the world just to take photos with each other.
I see son of that happening here and it makes my heart sing!


This is an eerily accurate followup to the actual test. It’s different versions of ‘hell’ based on the personality types. If you do start a new thread, it’s a pretty fun addition to the discussion, because what sounds genuinely awful to one person is not that bad or fine to another.

For example, my sister’s is that she has to do a big project with no guidance. Uh… that may belong in my heaven.


Personally, the only thing I find uninviting or intimidating around here is topics that have loads and loads of responses, that you don’t catch at the beginning. Sometimes there is a lot of offtopic chatting that you have to scroll through to follow the main discussion, but I think it’s normal for conversations to meander and just part of joining a group, any group, that existed before you arrived. I’ve probably learned just as much from the side topics as from the original question and it’s answer.

I wouldn’t necessarily say all of that is small talk. There’s something between small talk and completely on-topic, factual answers. If people are just looking for FAQ with informative answers, they can certainly get that. But then, if that’s all they’re interested in, whether introverted or not, a forum isn’t really some place they’re likely to spend much time anyway.


I do agree with you. He has the power of a great listener, as any good introvert.


Well, that was fun! Any other ISTJs here?


Anybody read "Quiet: the Power of Introverts in a world that can’t stop talking?"
Fabulous explanation of introvert/extrovert. I type more than I talk. In a large crowd, I am frequently in a corner trying to hide or finding a conversation with somebody I am comfortable with or a topic I care about.
Online, though, in this forum, I work the room.


Hmm… I think I am currently in a cynical mood, so that probably flavors it a lot.

Tried to take the test, and I really do not like the questions. Not that I could think of any better questions though. But I can FEEL my current mood influencing my answers dramatically. Especially since a lot of the questions are what you “tend” to do, or your personal assessment of things.

And some questions fail to allow you to opt out. Like asking if Dreams focus on the real world or not. I do not remember any of my dreams, ever. Supposedly everyone does dream, and I can vaguely recall talking to people about dreams I have had moments after waking. But I never remember dreams more than the time it takes to get breakfast. Later it asks if you contemplate the reason for human existence often… which nudges out anyone who believes they do understand that reason from having an appropriate answer (you don’t often consider it means something different when the reason is you don’t care, or the reason is you already know).

I mean… it asks if you rely on your experience more than your imagination… how do you have an imagination that is not based on experience?

Hopefully the results take this kind of thing into account, and realize that your answers are more what you wish you were than what you really are, and may depend on current mood. Hopefully you also are not penalized for rarely picking the extreme agree and disagree options (since not wanting to commit to those extremes is a personality trait itself, not a damping of all other personality traits).

Anyhow, jaded and cynical me of today got INTP-a. Which they title as Logician. And that absolutely describes me when I am feeling this way, and likely does most of the time. Hell, this take-down of their whole setup is support enough of that assessment, and I was writing all that drivel above while taking the test, so it isn’t like the results flavored the diatribe.

Being more intuitive than observant is a surprise. A balanced tactics feels nice.

Anyhow… normally with these kinds of tests I read through all of the possible results to see how easily I can convince myself that I identify with each one of them. And just like a good horoscope, typically anyone can identify with every result. At least some of the time. And since they are mostly written up to put you in a favorable light, people will focus on those times when they could identify that way than those when they cannot. (I look forward to reading the personal hells alternative. That may be better to help focus on what you “really” are)

EDIT: Okay, looked at the hells, and had a IRL LOL situation:

I dropped out of the Physics PhD program for exactly that reason. All of the local faculty are working on minutia, and the specific professor I had stuck myself with was eternally absent, which led me to figuring out the subject through research journals, and all of the ones I was finding were making me question the author’s credentials, rather than illuminating me about the topic at hand.

So… I have lived through my personal hell, and fortunately was wise enough to leave it. Sadly looking at my opposite profile of ESFJ… that would also be hell for me.

A link at the bottom of the hells took me to “What each type does at a party” which was amusing:

Other than needing to smoke weed in order to do such a thing… That is the kind of thing I can easily do.


I believe you have it in one. I’m of the opinion everybody is a naturally introverted it’s just that some have learned to fight this down


Point should be made to ASK the search bar first lol.[quote=“printolaser, post:6, topic:2173”]
Crowds recharge her batteries, they drain mine

I despise concerts, hate conventions, and parties bore me (except free food. free food good). throw me into a one on one conversation and I’m golden for the next three days: jumping from scientific to metaphysical to political discussion. and the Glowforge. The Glowforge will probably be thrown into the conversational mix.


I can bear the crowds if it’s someone I really want to see in person. So pumped for Flight of the Conchords this summer, two times! Chicago, then Red Rocks in CO.


I saw them several years back. It was amazing! They put on a great show!

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Good point. :yum: Actually as long as I’m in the back I’m ok. and despise was a strong word

I’d be proof to the opposite. When I leave a group of people, I talk louder and faster than I did before I was around them, while my sister just wants to sit in silence and recover from the whole thing. We both like being social, but she is an introvert who forced herself to be become more extroverted and I’m just extroverted. When things describe extroverts as being energized by social interaction, that’s me to a t, and I’ve been that way since at least preschool.

But I don’t think many people are exclusively one or the other. I don’t think many people are that black and white about anything.


Fascinating speculation. :slight_smile: I am an engineer by training and I absolutely love holing up with a hard problem for an indefinite period. But I’ve been practicing as an extrovert for so long that it comes naturally now, and doesn’t drain my reserves like it used too - particularly when there are people I know and trust in the mix to serve as a refresher between stranger encounters.

When I took Meyers Briggs, I was an E, but it was nearly a tie.