Best Material for living hinges?

So I made a few Magic the Gathering deck boxes for my son and his friends to store their commander decks in. I used draftboard and they looked great, but after a few weeks of use the hinge broke at the base. I am assuming it was mechanical fatigue from regular use. Does anyone have recommendations for better material or for methods of reinforcing the hinge?


For something like this I’d recommend not using a living hinge at all. It’s going to get a lot of use - It’s called a living hinge because it will eventually die.

A more traditional lid or magnetic clasp is the direction I’d go.

In fact that is where I went.


This line made my day…but, in all fairness, it’s still early in CA.


The pen boxes that I make using living hinges may not get the work out that yours do, but I find that plywood makes a more durable living hinge than hardwood or draftboard.


Sharp points concentrate stresses as do greater difference from one area to another. Twisting wood is stronger than bending wood usually. Veneer or engraves that leave the outside solid pushes the wood into compression which is stronger than when the wood is stretched. From these basic ideas there are a lot of possible designs.

Lining the inner hinge with adhesive felt may add a bit more support in lighter use cases.


What a great idea! Will try that!


That is a cool idea. I will have to try that!


LMAO thank you!

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