Beta Project: Decorative Earring Rack & Jewelry Stand



I really like how you used the whole sheet for the design. I got to see how that worked. I’ve thought that some design that did the whole bed would be a great demonstration. You did it for me. Thanks.

And the design looks so cool too. Made me think of this recent Make Magazine post on muqarnas. I have a book on Islamic tiling patterns and have been trying to think of an application. This is it.


Yes, I basically designed it to specs of the bed cutting area specifically. :wink:


The design both visually and functionally are beautiful!


Simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing all the steps on the way. :military_medal:


This is so lovely! I’m inspired!


That turned out great! very nicely done :slight_smile:


I’m speechless


I was tempted to wait a bit before liking your post so I could be #100, but I’ll leave the honors for somebody else.

Really incredible work. I love how the pattern reflects off the base in a few of the photos. Beautiful.


This is what I tell people all the time is amazing about having a 3D printer. Can’t wait to have another tool with different strengths (more 2D, but so fast and clean!)


Did you save all the diamond/hexagon cutouts? I feel like they could look really cool painted or stained different colors and arranged then glued/nailed to a flat piece. Maybe that’s just the quilter in my that hoards all my fabric scraps for projects like that :grimacing:


Really amazing work @RyanMilles . I have been drooling over the pictures of this. :grin: Thank you so much for sharing this!


Wow…Such a beautiful rack/stand. I enjoyed looking at all of the pictures that you took, because they show your project so clearly. Since you made to “just fit” the GF, it is nice to see how large it turned out. The finish that you put on the wood looks really nice too. Thank you for showing your work to us. :grin:


That idea would work well with design cut outs, then engraving designs on the surface - then scattering the cut out pieces on the surface for a kind of 3 layer effect. :thumbsup:


Nice design and finished product! Thanks for the write up and all the pictures!


I love this project, thanks for sharing.


I like the way the base has room for storage of chunky and odd sized pieces. That will be as functional as it is beautiful.




It looks amazing!! Great job!