Box pattern with sliding lid

I have been using those box pattern generators online for dovetail boxes. But now I would like to make some boxes with a sliding lid while the rest is dovetail joinery. Can anyone offer any suggestions for an online pattern generator that allows for this?

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the only way i know to do a slider on the GF is to engrave it. there’s no way to be exacting on that, so the couple of times I’ve done it, I’ve just had to do trial and error for power/speed combo with specific materials to get the depth i want. and i usually don’t cut the lid for the slider until i finalize the slots. then i can use calipers to measure that space and adjust the lid to be the appropriate width.


I figured the slots would need to be done by engraving. I was just hoping to avoid the trial and error part. :slight_smile:

unfortunately, it’s not that simple. if someone has done a baltic birch (i have, don’t have my settings handy), they could give you a starting point for BB. but yours could be slightly different than theirs and the slot may be a different depth with the same settings. but, as i mentioned, if you measure for the lid after engraving, you have more flexibility on the exact depth of the engrave.


There are ways to do it without engraving, but it requires gluing layers together. You essentially cut the groove in side rails. I’ve not done it, but it’s pretty simple in theory.


Actually, I had considered that as a possible option. I may need to experiment and see which is the least time consuming to manufacture. Thank you.

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Hah funny story, I did make a box like that once. It went really well, so well that I forgot I did it.

This is designed for 0.130" BB. You might need to adjust it for your material thickness.


The notches in the top are oversized, you’ll want to play with them if you want them to be totally invisible. You’ll notice that my side rails are not 100% free-floating, I have a tiny bridge on the front side where I don’t cut the material, This is to keep everything aligned until you’ve glued it up. The last step is to manually cut those last bits out, I used a utility knife.


It will take some extra gluing perhaps and a bit more wood, but double walled sides will remove the need to make any grooves. Make the outside sides taller then the inside walls to create the slide then make a frame lid. No grooves necessary. You can add a second set of inner dovetails on the bottom to hold the inner walls in place.


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