+ Inkscape SVG + Glowforge - no longer compatible?

It’s annoying, but I don’t do too many of these so it’s livable. I used to work in QA and user support though, so I’m always digging to see the why of things lol

I did try upgrading to 1.1.1, with high hopes! But the same result. I’ll continue to dig. Thanks!!

I can’t replicate the issue as you describe in the original post, but I am on Mac. I suggest removing all layers and groupings as the GF UI does not recognize either of them.

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Good idea! I actually removed everything but one circle and still got the error. I also tried a different browser.
We’ll see if my desire to know (have to learn the coding so I can actually find an error or anomoly :slight_smile: ) outweighs my annoyance at the work around lol

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I love sleuthing out problems with SVGs =P So if you’ve got relatively simple examples that don’t load in GFUI – I’m happy to look at them to see if we can find bugs to report to GF.


From the website, they say the loops allow for total corner cutout and setting the burn to “0” will remove the loops.

From their FAQ

Why are there tiny, weird loops in the corners?

These are called dog bones and make sure the corner is completely cut out. As lasers and milling tools are round they can’t cut sharp inner corners.

I really don’t want those weird, tiny loops?

You can just set burn to 0 to make them go away. But you have then to use a separate CAM software to do the burn correction (aka kerf). Or your laser cutter software may be able to take care of that.


Thanks - I did not know that burn=0 would eliminate the loops. I use festi for the kerf correction on these boxes, so that makes my choice, and I’ll live with the loops.