Braided Leather Wristbands


Oh yes. I have a few siblings and friends with Etsy shops that are eager to share profits if I cut manual labor. Win-win.
And if the Glowforge brings family to visit, all the better. Seems we don’t make enough time for being together. (Says the girl that just finished a 4-day 40-person camping trip…)
Back to the topic… I love your design. Showed it to Dave, my brother, who has the device with razors to cut the braided wristband. He thoroughly approves yours and thinks the Glowforge will cut time and also make cleaner cuts.
Not to mention the capacity for engraving.


Thats a good idea…again something to try…:grinning:


Anyone know if there is a heat (laser) transfer film that can transfer color to leather? I was thinking something like a iron on decal, but that the laser melts and transfers the pattern like carbon paper. My wife would love the mystery braid with the lizards, especially if I could make them blue.


Try thermography powder. You can get it at a crafts store like Michaels or Hobby Lobby in the US. Folks have also been experimenting with laser toner powder as well and there’s a decent discussion of that here. @smcgathyfay is the resident expert :slightly_smiling_face:


You may want to look at or to see how well leather would work as a substrate.
addendum looking at the videos, the foil is not recommended for leather. tandy makes some colors for leather, you may want to ust google “adding color to leather” and look into some inks or dyes that would do the trick.


Very cool. Thanks!