But can it make shoes?

those are “Shower Shoes”

idly wonders whether there’s a comparative regionalism thread somewhere

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Imagine if your area was land locked then shower shoes is accurate. Those were our primary foot wear for most of the year. Locals were accused of having webbed feet because we were always in or on the water.

Took that skiff out every day crabbing and fishing with no parental supervision. A great way to grow up. Nothing but million dollar homes there now.


Oh I’m mostly teasing. It’s one of those weird nomenclature things that isn’t a regionalism at all but comes from the insistence of several 6’+ angry men shouting about it for thirteen weeks. I don’t actually call them shower shoes.


Thongs!!! What kind of a place are you runni…oooh…wait…you probably meant flip flops…



Oh, me too! It IS a very generational thing, although Dan is not that old. It’s taken me a very long time to call them flip flops.

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Yep – at first my parents called them zori’s (Dad as in the Merchant Marine in WWII and spent time in Japan) then they called them thongs. I thought flip flops was a regional thing…

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Flip Thongs

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Thongs are hard to wear.


No…at least not that I’m aware. When I call them thongs, my kids invariably utter…“ummm mom…they’re not thongs”


similar to a diphthong?

GOSH! He looks like he’s having SO much fun! NOT! I would have just gone barefoot…dumb guy.

Yup, that’s a dip wearing thongs.


Now to teach everyone the meaning of a “whale tail” :smile:

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Wait, is this some kinda click bait comment from Dan? Vibram sole thongs? Really, are there such things? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I will do my best to refrain from making some tacky comment about needing a thong with good traction… :grin::sunglasses::flushed:


He is so lucky I am not at my computer right now…I’m feeling the urge to do some splicing. :blush:


Um, perhaps did you read ‘topologically’ as ‘typographically’? There is no reason for two objects which have names that are derived from the same root to be topologically equivalent. Compare ‘husband’ and ‘husband’.

The human husband, with its alimentary canal and nostrils, is in no way topologically equivalent to the pillow husband, although the name of the latter is derived from the former :slightly_smiling_face::

Husband cushion or pillow.

no, and sorry, but i wasn’t intentionally being superior or snide.

i’m just unsurprised to see items called the same thing end up with similar shapes and tolpologies (jokes about doughnuts and coffee cups notwithstanding)

mostly because while one husband is derived from the other, both thong words come from the same idea.

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Or to husband your resources. (Verb vs noun)

for sure though i’m not sure i want to try and map verb topology.

in the lost hope of continuing to discuss laserboots, i’m really interested in making a great pair of slippers, especially since @dan mentioned that those vibram soles are laser safe for cutting. my feet are basically square, so i can never find anything that fits properly.

vibram sole, suede uppers…maybe two pairs, one with a warmer interior for winter, one cooler for supper. and removable foam inserts, since they inevitably flatten over time…

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Just saw this and remembered this thread from many days ago. Couldn’t resist.