Buying Another Glowforge - Production/Shipping

I would like to purchase another Glowforge, but noticed that shipping FAQ on the Glowforge website has not been updated (still showing that air filters will be delivered in Dec. 2017). If I order a new one today, how long will it take to get it?

Are you asking for guesses from the community or are you hoping for official word? If the latter, I don’t know if they’ll see the question in this category.

It would probably be a few months at least. I’d suggest emailing support to ask. (And perhaps suggest that they update the website, too.)

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probably sooner than international order dispatch! What did you do to having the need to have two forges?

I am hoping someone knows something I don’t. I tried searching the forums as well but could not find anything. My next step was to email support as I did not know if they would see this post or not.

I am going to build a business around the Glowforges for making custom designed products and prototypes (one-run or low-run items, not mass produce) for various small markets I have experience in (equestrian, pet, wedding, small business POP, and some others). I would like to have 2 so I can work on different projects at the same time and have a backup in case one is down. I am looking to make this a FUN side business that will generate some income for us.


Have you received your first?

No, I have not. It is not coming until February 8th, as of today that’s what my account shows. I bought it in January of 2016. I wanted to buy a second one eventually if the first one lived up to all the expectations that were promised when I originally invested my money. Since the price is going up on December 14th, I had to make a decision on whether or not I wanted to wait until I got my first one, which at that time the price would already have increased. Based on everything I’ve seen on the forum, I think it would be wiser to put the money down now and save rather than pay more later. It’s a tough decision since I don’t have my first one yet, but I have been living vicariously through everyone on the post who has shown their machines and capabilities, and I’m just going to have to take the risk since I figured I would probably buy another one anyway at a later time.


We ordered our PRO in April 2016. Our PRO is expected in early January, 2018, and the filter is expected in early July, 2018. I hope that helps you with estimates. (Looking forward to creating some great things!)

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It is worth it if your intentions and space can support 2. I don’t currently have the room and finances for a second, or I would get another one I love this device. I am using it, in part, for small runs and customized stuff. I even have an Etsy up. If I get into a place with a little more room, and if I can swing the finances for it in the future, I will buy a second.

The question for @dan or @staff seems to be if you could add a second Glowforge to your current order or if it would have to be a second order added into the production queue.

I would place the order before the price increase. You’ll be able to cancel up to the time of shipping address request, so you can get your first one and decide if it’s going to work for you - if so, you have the cheaper price on the second unit. If not, you can cancel the second one.


The FAQ shows:
When will my Glowforge ship?
We’re currently delivering orders placed during our pre-order campaign. Orders placed now will ship on or before June 2018.

Not terrible timing, considering.

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I placed my order on Nov. 30th, and my expected ship date is March 16. HTH

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Hey do you know anything about putting the gantry back on the rails?

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I haven’t had the occasion to do it but since they are just V-wheels it should be a simple process of just placing it back on the rails. I’d put it on the rail and then slide the gantry to the back of the machine to its physical limits and it should be squared up.

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No, it’s not for me, but a unit has been creamed on one of my files…I’m gonna link to this. Thanks! :smile: