Call for glowforge-made halloween costumes!


Ouch. That’s sore.

Me too.


still working on the rest of the EL wire work!


A classic sign that someone is on the far side of the spectrum is that they dress up as objects, not people. So yes, I will be dressing up as a glowforge. :grin:


I’m going to be a Glowforge for Halloween. I figure my costume should be done by June of 2020. Stay tuned!


I’m also dressing up as my Glowforge. I’ve borrowed Harry’s invisibility cloak.


And show up super late to the party?

hundreds of ideas but no laser to make them with. I’ll have to haunt the old fashion way.


When i was living in the USA i found Halloween to be magical, you Americans really take your dress-up and Halloween seriously and it was a spectacular experience even in the small community in which i lived.

Now businesses are doing all they can to force the Halloween mindset onto Australia and it has all the ‘soul’ of doing Christmas in Japan; i.e. you know it is just being seen as a money-spinner despite the decorations and cheap costumes.

I find Halloween in Oz to be really off-putting and actively push back against it but it was one of the ‘highlight experiences’ of my time in the States.

Hope you all have a great Halloween, even those of us without Glowforges!


So cool!



I was planning on making something… delays… feels bad. But here is a costume I did make using a laser cutter.


super simple but done with help of of Glowforge. Laser cut veggie leather, including the stitch holes and then sewed the letters and numbers on to my son’s Halloween costume. Very punny costume but he loves it.


Clever!!! Love it.


All of these just rock! (Everyone is so clever!) :grinning:


Those masks are incredible!


Wow @Drea, i wish you would post more of your work because these always impress.
I dare not show that blue one to my wife lest she scream “I NEEDS IT” in my ear

Is there anyway you can do something like a partial tutorial on mask-making?
I would love to know how, but don’t want you to give away any of your trade secrets either!


Oooompf! The red one. :star_struck:


Beautiful, amazing masks!


I made this thing District 9 costume


Jules reminded me to post this here as well :slight_smile:
A belated Happy Halloween
Old Man Logan, claws courtesy of the forge and inkscape