Can I align to pre-printed materials?

They should be able to force a reboot while the machine is idle. They have complete control over the firmware and it is Linux, so easy enough. I can reboot all my Rasberry Pis remotely and via the OctoPrint web interface.


Ha, I have a piece of card under one corner of one of my 3D printers precisely because my worktop has that amount of twist in it. It looks perfectly flat to the eye, you need a straight edge across the diagonals to see it.


I would be very surprised if this ends up being necessary. As @palmercr says, it is straight forward to trigger a full reboot with no user interaction and depending on how they deploy their code it may not even be necessary to reboot the device. Most Internet connected devices these days will use some sort of container management system that allows full app updates without rebooting the host device or taking it out of action for more than a few seconds

The only trick will be deciding when to do the update without inconveniencing the user. Normally you would expect 3am to be pretty safe, but based on the reports we’ve seen from some new users so far that may not be true with Glowforge…


If one resides in America.

3am local time of course


I will hazard a guess that focus height has a lot to do with people’s differences. Sounds like even small discrepancies between what is entered and the actual height can mess with the math done for corrections or whatever by Glowforge. I think things will improve significantly once automatic height measurements start being taken by the machine, as planned.


All current units are glued - if you turn it hard enough to break the glue seal, you will likely distort the camera, so it’s not a good idea to do that.

No - there’s a problem we’re chasing that accumulates errors over time, and rebooting resets the problem (because it re-performs head homing). AFAIK it didn’t have anything to do with a firmware push.

We decided the best time was “when you turn the machine off and on again”, which is why rebooting is when we install new firmware. :slight_smile: We generally don’t care which version of the firmware you have unless you’re talking to support, and they’ll ask you to reboot.

We don’t have any way of knowing your local time, unfortunately.

Exactly this. And the discrepancies can come from problems as subtle as dirt under the crumb tray feet or a non-flat table, as mentioned earlier in the thread.


surely that’s not a difficult change, though, if you want it to be. even if you swipe the local time of whatever primary device someone uses to log in to their account.

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That simply means you’re not trying hard enough. But the fact you’re not trying hard enough is a good thing. So on balance :+1::+1: