Cardboard Settings

…for @deirdrebeth:

Cut: 170/60 (focus height 0.00551 in)
Score: 500/70


Their cut is almost the same as mine, but that score is faster but way stronger than mine - also their cardboard is also much thinner (mine is .15) - though they may have found that a lower focal point cuts better or something.



Not sure what type of cardboard you’re using.

Depending on the cardboard’s thickness, 500/70 might score too deep. For thick cardboard, it should create a nice fold line.

For most cardboards, I score using 500/5 to 500/10. It creates a nice visible line, goes through the first layer of color (e.g., white cardboard is really white paper over brown coardboard, or through the color outside of a cereal box). I engrave using 1000/10 to 1000/20 and use 340dpi if you want high quality.

For cereal box (a good analog for testing veneer before burning through good veneer), I cut with 300/50.

For corrugated cardboard (about 3mm thick, use to test 3mm materials like medium wood/acrylic): I cut using 200/60. (Usually cuts all the way, but a few places may need pulling apart. But no flashback.)

And for all of these, I use custom material and auto focus to get the depth. (Otherwise, cereal boxes are 0.025" and corrugated is 0.16".)


These were the “official” settings that showed up in her GFUI - clearly it was a background test and they’re using her as a guinea pig, but we were curious so she posted them for me :slight_smile:


I’m jealous! I don’t have that!


So far I think only she does - at least no one else in that thread has it. I’m happy with my personal settings, but it’d be cool to have it in the fancy drop down instead of the select-your-own area :slight_smile: