Cheapest 12" wide masking tape


Lately I’ve been focusing on learning what not to do. I may need to buy a new place as I’m running out of room to bury all of my good ideas. It is useful and all, but not exactly your butt joining work.


i wonder which brand it is. i’m still working on my 12x300yd roll of transfer rite 582u that i’m pretty sure i got at sign warehouse and it’s still sticking well. got it last november, so i’m coming up on 10 months. 8 months on the roll we’re using at work.

the other possibility is that what you got already had a lot of shelf-life used up and what i got wasn’t hanging around the warehouse as long.


So do I. I’ve looked at the rolls for branding and there is none.


You and me both. I ruined a 2.5 hour engrave the other day… was not pleased. At least it was on cheap materials.


if there’s no branding, it’s probably not transferrite. my roll has their brand all over the inside of the tube.


Same for perfectear plus. Nakoosa labels it thoroughly.


I agree, the masking on PG leather is a PAIN. My technique is to find an edge that hopefully won’t show (like around the hole cut for a snap, etc.) and use the point of a craft knife to carefully slide between the leather and masking and get it started. It’s really hard not to leave a slight mark on the leather, but it’s the most reliable technique I’ve found so far.

I’ve wondered about dampening the masking with alcohol to loosen it, but I don’t know what that might do to the leather, and haven’t gotten around to trying it on a scrap, yet…


TransferRite Ultra (like the 582U and 592U that I use and recommend) has a shelf-life of 30 Months from the time of manufacture. Signage suppliers rotate their stock very frequently, and will probably have fresher rolls than others. Keeping the roll sealed in the poly bag that it comes in will help extend the life of the product, as will keeping it out of direct sunlight and extreme heat or cold.
ABITapes (TransferRite) label their rolls, and color-code them as well (yellow is med-tack, red is hi-tack).
Nakoosa (which manufactures R.Tape and PerfectTearPlus) label their premium-brand products.
Both ABI and Nakoosa manufacture “house-brands”.


That’s some solid info. How’d you get it?


various sources; my suppliers, trade shows, training programs (I own & operate a small sign shop/graphics studio. Designing-for, cutting, printing-to, and applying vinyl is at least 75% of my business).
Shelf life info is from this product data sheet:
TransferRite Ultra_582U_ds.pdf (140.6 KB)


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