Cleaning your GF?

Hopefully @dan is listening :slight_smile:
It should show: Total Hours running : Hours Cutting: Hours Engraving : Hours Scoring
and Hours since last Cleaning (with an option to reset that :slight_smile: )


I concur. An odometer, maybe with a scheduled maintenance pop up warning, would be very useful.


If you do cut a tile how do you clean the lens? Still Zeiss Wipe gently?

I’d blow the glass off with some “light” compressed air, and then lightly drag the wipe across the lens. Like, use gravity to push the wipe on to the lens, not your finger.

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A number of my cuts did not go all the way through the proofgrade medium draftboard. Does this mean that I need to clean my lens?

That’s a good idea.

I will try that and see if the cut quality improves. Thank you for your reply!