Clear, 2-sided adhesive film

I’m looking for a clear, 2-sided adhesive, laser-cutable film with which to sandwich two clear pieces without the adhesive film being very visible afterwards. Does anyone know of such a thing?


3M 9502 tape might do it. I have some, I will see if I have some clear acrylic scrap to test with. It is fantastic stuff but I have never used it on clear parts.

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Thanks. I’m trying to put an adhesive ring around the outside edge of a coaster. Glue was too unpredictable. I’m worried that tape wouldn’t make a continuous seal around a 4" coaster without a few seams.

Failing that, I think it was @DesignsByPhil who had a brand of CA that didn’t show between layers of acrylic.

CA is worth a try but it can be hard to use because it can put a fog on clear plastics.

Acrylic adhesive is worth a try too. It fuses the parts together and might be clear enough when cured. It comes in the watery thin variety and the thick variety. Maybe just a couple of dots of the thick stuff would work, doesn’t sound like this needs a lot of bond strength.

I have all these things and now I am curious, I will try to make time to do some tests with clear scrap.

The design he used had an outer ring that facilitated that application of CA. Here’s what can happen with a flat surface.

If you scored a line around the perimeter just inside the edge, maybe it would stop the “bleed” and just give you a cool contrasting edge color to enhance your design. :wink:


You should be able to use 3M 300LSE 9495LE - this looks like the same tape on the veneer. I have a vinyl cutter and I tried to sell sticker shapes and you can flock or glitter the shape

The picture is just so I can explain the idea…

Too bad I sold…zero :slight_smile:

I’m sure you can set the Glowforge to kiss cut the film and remove the excess from the backing and apply it to material. I just wish I had time to experiment with that…


I use this and like it. It’s very thin, but not sure if it’s the strongest one available as I didn’t really research it. It’s just what was available at the store.

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Bummer that you didn’t sell any. They’re cute.

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I buy 3M 9502 by the sheet from trotec. Also available in a roll for a much better price. Works amazing on acrylic.

CA glue is also very brittle so not great if the piece will see a bunch of movement/flex


Thanks! That sounds like the way to go.

The 9502 looks very similar to the 3M 467MP I use. The 9502 is listed as “economical” and the 476 is listed as “high performance”, but I wonder what the actual difference is. I’ll have to research it and see what the price difference is as well. :thinking: I certainly wouldn’t mind something cheaper that would work just as well.

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that would be worth knowing. I haven’t had an issue with 9502 but if I do it is good to know that there is an alternative that is higher performance.


Loctite professional superglue is the only stuff I use.

True, but I didn’t really try hard to sell…I did these just before I got the machine. Now I’m distracted with my laser now and all my limited time is experimenting with that instead of selling stickers :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea. That 9502 is costly, so the other is even more costly. I can’t believe how profitable sticky paper is, from Post-Its on up.

Here are the adhesive tests I was thinking of. Hope this helps.


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