[CNC] Anybody have experience with enclosed CNC systems such as the Nomad 883/Carvey?

Thanks all! I’m in the “Seriously thinking about it” phase, which may be followed by the “Well crap, I took too long to decide” phase.

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Hi Seaton,
Used is always a risk and you could always build you own enclosure over the machine if you though it was to loud. Why pay full retail for a used machine. I got the discount and paid 1800 and I was late the first ones sold for 1200. They made improvements which increased the price. So those prices were for a less capable machine, but the 2500 price tag is high in my opinion accessories are not costly. If your willing to spend the 2500 I would go new and get the direct support from carbide3D.

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Thought I’d update here. I bought the Nomad 883 Pro and received it a week~ ago. I love the damned thing. It is DEFINITELY quiet enough for me to use in my house – it’s only slightly louder than my 3D printer. I don’t find the noise unpleasant (I don’t keep a vacuum on it, but just spot clean occasionally.) Goes great as a play friend for the Glowforge – don’t want them to get lonely!


Super late to this party but heres a video about building an enclosure for a shapeoko:


At some point, I’ll outgrow the Nomad size-wise and will have to get an enclosure going for a larger CNC. I still love my Nomad and recommend it as a starter system, even at the price. It’s obvious limitation is bed size (8"x8"x3"), but that hasn’t been an issue for my educational purposes.