Codex Silenda KickStarter


Anyone make this thing yet? Now that my GF Pro has arrived I’m looking forward to working on this. Just got a bunch of .25" baltic birch ply in. Waiting on my 6" wide masking tape to arrive so I can mask off the surface and start cutting. Would love to know if anyone else has had any success or what challenges you’ve run in to.

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Haven’t got to it yet. Probably 2 months out.

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Yes. I had some issues with Baltic Birch. Did not require a Pro. Had to spin them so the long axis kept the height under 11".

I had some issue with hard to slide parts. Brady suggested sanding the moving/sticking parts thinner than the stock or knocking the corners off the edges.

I’m repeating it with thick PG Draftboard. The medium Draftboard is thinner than their design files go. It’s a smoother surface than BB.

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