Coin Magic Trick ::mage:

Great idea! Mahalo


I’m printing this design off now, so I can take it to my wife’s side of the family dinner. I’m going to have her little niece draw and put her name on the top and bottom pieces. Then I’ll have it ready as a Christmas gift for her.

Thank you for putting this up. When it’s done I’ll put up photos.


That’s a cool idea

Working on it now. She has no idea the surprise waiting. She loves magic tricks and cards.


Such a fun idea that will bring her lots of joy. :blush:

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Now I have something to work on tonight…well before Christmas :rofl: tops sides and bottom.


I made a few more, and used a different piece of wood which behaved differently so I figured it was worth a warning.
The engrave of the spot to insert the pusher stick engraved deeper into the new wood, so the stick slid into this wood deeper, and therefore wasn’t long enough to push the coin all the way over. So my advice is to try it all open first, and cut a slightly larger pushing stick if needed.
Have fun and thanks for the photos! It is always cool to see something you whipped up on your computer in different parts of the world. :slight_smile:


nice catch.

Thanks for the file @Aloha, I finally had some time to scan in her drawing and run it through the forge.

I need to rerun it though. I cut rather than engraved the stick holder. And I need to tweak the finger joints just a hair since I altered the file slightly. Might sand the inner box to make it slide easier too.


That looks amazing! Great job! Thank you for posting the photo!