Compare Fusion 360/AutoCAD/Inkscape/Illustrator/Sketchup/Etc

To clarify - Capture is free. You’ll need an Adobe account to export things to Photoshop and Illustrator. The Adobe account is also free. It’s the Photoshop/Illustrator/Creative Suite that is not free after the 30 day trial period. FYI - If you’re a very occasional user: you can often free trial once a year or after major updates are released.

This is puzzling to hear, I’ve been using Capture for years and things definitely show up in Illustrator. But if you go direct from a Capture pattern what you get is a raster pattern in Illustrator, is that what you’re seeing? The pattern would show up in your Creative Cloud Library panel as a swatch.

If you want to make a vector pattern it’s usually cleaner and gives you finer control to use Capture’s Shape function output in Illustrator’s Make Pattern function. (which is super easy to use)

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@ekla Thanks for clarifying the cost. I guess I only assumed it wasn’t free since I have the subscription. I only just discovered the pattern tab in capture and haven’t done much with it. In Illustrator the pattern window was grayed out. I didn’t try as a swatch. I’ve used the shapes tab for several years.

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This is what I ended up with after capturing that pattern. (Top left) I traced it in Illustrator. Then I copied various aspects of it as derivatives. This is only my second file from scratch specifically for the GF, so I haven’t figured out colors for various operations, adding some more interest, etc.