Condensation issues?

As someone who has designed panels that are sealed on 3 sides and vented for cooling purposes on the 4th side, I was wondering about condensation forming inside the glowforge while it was being vented out of a window or wall. The temperature difference in the northeast can be 30 degrees during the day and I know that I had to use forced air fans that ran continuous for panels to keep them from getting water build up. I also work on high voltage switch gear in the field and know that they all contain heater Strips that run and keep cabinets at a constant temperature for same reason. My question is if you have had any issues with condensation when you leave glowforge vented and not in use or if maybe we should leave the lid up when not in use?

A blast gate will take care of it. Vent Specifics

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Definitely one way of doing it but was kind of hoping for vent fins that close on the fan on the glowforge. I didn’t think about the fact you can get fins on the vent pipe itself like I have for the dryer. That should solve the problem I was worried about. Thanks for the help!

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I mean you could add a heat exchanger but I think that’s way over kill. Maybe unplug the vent when not in use?