Cooling systems

How are the laser tubes cooled? Most use water cooling systems. Higher end use refrigeration system. I also noticed the operating temp is no more than 70 degrees. That’s still pretty cool for a work area but while running it will heat up at least 15 degrees. I only wonder because I noticed all the videos only show a small project being made. No more than 4 inches long and basic. Is that because it will start to overheat? Just wondering

There are several threads on cooling including this one: Cooling question. You can search all forums for “cooling” and you will find several other threads.


Here is an example of a larger project Built one of polarbrainfreeze's cars that dan cut 3 vehicle nearly-build from polarbrainfreeze


Here is a neat one of a trebuchet build that @likeablejerk designed and @dan built.

Great video.

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Some of the commercial grade cutters are starting to use air cooling. Our current Rofin still uses water cooling but we are replacing it with a fiber/ CO2 Epilog that uses a ceramic laser tube which does not require active cooling.

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