Creative Solutions for Snowflakes Needed

I love cast paper. Those are lovely.

When working for a liferaft and lifevest company they cut thousands of Nylon fabric life vests with a cutter that was just a piece of 1" wood with a sharpened metal band basically inside a sawcut in the plywood. the Cutter was a press that pressed a ton or so on a 2 foot by 3 foot area,

if you cut the design out of four pieces of quarter inch wood glued together and found someone with that sort of press you could do the whole job in just one pressing even unfolded, and by the many thousands easily after that! the cost of the cutter and pressing I would think be much cheaper than making them one at a time.

Alternatively if you had double stick masking paper you could make your own stack at a quarter inch thick per run and at least cut the total cutting time way down, If you have a Pro that would be a great way for snapmarks if you had snapmarks.

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You’ve just described how die cutting works. Custom dies are the expensive part.

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As opposed to the much cheaper home systems that can not even handle something that size.

A Custom Die maker might take that into consideration, and doing some of the work for him as well. especially if they are making them the old fashioned way.

Organizing such a project could get you far more kudos at least, than pawning them off on others.

a single die that size and that ornate would normally be north of $400.

This may be true, but 1) it’s not my project - it’s her vision and her design, 2) that’s a lot of work that I don’t really have the skills, knowledge, or desire to undertake with 30 days notice, 3) you can’t pay your mortgage with kudos. Seriously, though, this is just a hobby for me at this point (I have a non-laser-related business), so I was happy to donate time and just charge for laser time to help out, but beyond that, she’s got to figure out what solution works for her.

I’ve passed along the fantastic ideas everyone has shared and she was very appreciative. We may tackle something together in the future.


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