Cropping a vector shape for GlowForge

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Fair enough. However,

Wheelbarrows and holocaust cloaks aside, you could open the trout in GIMP, or the Apple equivalent of MS Paint, chop off the tails and export the resulting PNG. That way you could make it fit inside the engrave area while still engraving outside the lines. No doubt it is a kludge, plain and simple, and I in principle I am opposed to them, but sometimes…


I tried exporting as a PNG, but the quality was crap and the size shrank by 1/3. See above.

What has worked so far is to combine all the groups and subgroup layers into one “curve” using Merge Curves. Then I can use a rectangle to do a subtract or an intersection depending on whether I want to keep or discard some portion.

Of course, now that I am on a roll, none of my tabs or finger joints fit each other. They’re way too tight. This used to work some months ago, so I am wondering what has changed. But I’ll save this for a a new topic post…

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I bought an affinity design course and it told how to do it. Not expensive.

Thank you. I did some of their training courses and tutorials. The problem here is that GlowForge doesn’t respect some things and not others. For example, I assumed that cropping vectors would work, but it does not. Clipping we know doesn’t work.

Using the add and subtract for curves does work. But then you have to work on curves and not groups of curves.

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