Crumbtray Rulers

Awesome! Thanks so much. This is a simple no-brainer that should have been part of the GF from the beginning, but it’s an easy fix. Great idea to use the veneer!


This is fantastic! I have been meaning to make something like this for alignment. Thank you so much for sharing!

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I just had the thought this past weekend that GF should have put a ruler on the tray. Thought about a paper one on peel-n-stick paper… Didn’t occur to me to use veneer!

Hey @dan, THIS needs to be an official thing. Pay this guy for his file/idea and make this part of the official “new owner” documentation… Perhaps one of the “first ‘prints’” bit along with the ruler (which I actually use all the time).


Check out @marmak3261’s different rulers & squares.

Also a couple of us have posted center rulers - where the 0 is in the center of the ruler and the measurements go out to either side so you can easily find the center of things (my wife uses hers all the time for needlepoint).

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I’ll just take another badly needed pro unit in lieu of $ compensation lol.


How about a brokers fee? (I’d be happy with a basic of my own. I’m using a loaner from the day job.)

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oh wow… thanks so much!

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HUGE props to JB! (@jbmanning5)
The AI file had not yet been converted to all outlines for the text… so I was able to EASILY revise one side of the ruler to a “center ruler.” I also did not change this file to outlines yet, so if you REALLY want center rulers on both sides (or the opposite side of what I did - the right), you can.

Gonna burn and install these later tonight. (690.3 KB)


We are (somewhat) civilized, are we not!? I convert to outlines in my SVG export options so that I always have a fully functional original.

Nice mod!


I won’t go as far as to claim “civilized,” because people have met me. Ha! But yes, same procedure on all my files. Only the SVG is converted.

These are so useful! Thank you!

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we (that’s the royal “we”) are not at all civilized. That’s why “we” have extra copies of text on hidden layers scattered across the artboard!

ok, actually it’s because I often have to do some sort of pathfinder operations with or to the text, and because Align functions consider the last bit of kerning space after the final text character to still be part of the shape. you can see this in action: make some text, align to center, then convert to outlines and align to center again… it shifts just a pinch.


That I didn’t know!

It’s really minor, but enough to cause some press-fit frustration when you are relying on “align-to-center relative to Selection” when building a design!

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Thank you for sharing, just got my GF and we are having a blast, this will make the experience much better…: :slight_smile:

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I love this but I can’t find the file for it… please help… this would sooooo help me. where am I not looking to find it?

Here’s a post with an updated ai file, but I’m not finding the original ai or svg anywhere. I wonder if discourse auto-removed it since it’s been so long :confused:

Sorry to be dense here but where is the SVG file for the ruler?

Click on the link in the post right before yours…looks like the original was removed,but someone else modified it.