Custom cover

Has anyone made or had a custom cover?
I’m thinking to keep dust off of and prevent accidental scratching etc when not in use.

Check out this thread. I believe the poster is making covers for others who order them.


I’ve had very good luck with this mini-crib mattress cover. Functional, but not really the most attractive :wink:


Better than my current solution. I just have a folded up bath towel on top of mine, which keeps dust off, but was mainly a response to seeing the thread with the shattered lid glass from a dropped magnet. I figured it was a good temporary solution and enough of a cushion against anything that might come in contact with the lid glass. My “temporary” solutions have a way of becoming permanent ones, but I would like some sort of actual cover at some point.


You might also be interested in this.

That was also my main concern.
I bought it and it was pretty easy to cut with a xacto/razor blade.

So far I’m pretty happy with it, you can see the air pockets when the GF isn’t on.
When the GF is on I don’t really notice it there or I’ve gotten accustomed to it.

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