Custom Materials are Great!

I know I give the GF team a hard time over a lot of things. But the custom materials settings has worked so well for me. Really speeds up creating orders for different things and reduces errors

Well done!



I’m not sure how well the ui will scale once I have saved lots of materials but it is really nice so far.


Agreed. I’d like to be able to search for my materials in the same way I would search for PG, but don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth.

So, exploring this idea a while, say I put some Home Depot Baltic Birch in the forge, I could search for “HD BB Ply” and it would narrow the settings to those I put in that bucket.


Home Depot doesn’t carry Baltic Birch, it carries standard Birch ply. You might want to rename your custom settings so when you get real Baltic Birch you’ll be able to save those. The glues, voids and knots are all tightly controlled for Baltic Birch and will use somewhat different settings.


I sit corrected. I have Woodpeckers BB. My wife bought a huge box of WP BB when I first got Hiakari.


I use that a lot. Free Prime shipping. Good price. Pretty consistent and just easy :slightly_smiling_face:

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GF settings? Do you mask—and with what? Inquiring minds need to know! :sunglasses:

There have been a few threads on masking already – here’s one, which should probably lead you to others as well:


I use this paper masking. It has worked very well. You do need to press it down to activate it. I use a plastic squeegee for applying window tint to press it down. I like this roll because it’s 12" wide and covers most material in one piece…


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